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Red Cross Abseil

As high as the planes! Uploaded by markdrasutis on 24 Jun ’06, 4.08pm BST. We raised £750 which AOL will be matching so that makes £1500! not bad for a Saturday morning. I was bricking it though which thankfully you can’t see from the photo.

Abercrombie & London

The billboard on this wall hiding construction of Abercrombie’s London store was designed to attract attention, the retailer said. ooh ooh! I’m all excited about the new London store – although I have a feeling it will be a little pricey – what with The Gap being about £1 = $1 then A&F will be […]


So David Beckham only wears his undies once. Well if reports are to be believed he buys new Calvin Klein Underwear every month and buys £1k’s worth – I don’t know about you but that’s a lot of money on smalls. I reckon he just wants a new lucrative sponsorship contract. I’m wondering how long […]

More Live 8

Okay so I’ve tried to be calm and not rant but I’m going to have to now. The whole thing has just wound me up tighter than a tight thing. Imagine a place where people are so poor they cannot feed their children let alone themselves yet others have more money than they could ever […]

It kills me

I spent all day Saturday at Live8 handing these things out free of charge and now people are selling them online for £30.

Brands gone bad

Orange are brilliant. Well I used to think so anyway. So much so that I have recommended them to all of my friends and at least 5 of them have switched. Their customer service is great. Up until last week. I used to have a price plan that included orangecare insurance. Somehow or other over […]

the rise and rise of the scally

okay so now you can sell practically anything on ebay be prefixing it with the word chav or scally. as in scally’s used footie shorts – see they will sell much quicker and for more money than your regular footie shorts. especially if you add the phrase ‘gay int?’ to the end. There are even […]

great stalking potential

Okay so normally I complain about stalking potential from the other side. This time however I’m finding it quite amusing to look up how much my neighbours have paid for their flats since I moved in. Also if you know the road and approximately when someone moved in you can find the address (if not […]

shots in dave’s honour

shots in dave’s honour Originally uploaded by 8lettersuk. Barcode. Sunday Night. £1 shots. Never good. Michelle, Gary, Nick and I had some Dave in his honour! Needless to say I felt rough this morning. Needless to say some of last night I wish to pretend never happened. In fact it was all so unnecessary since […]

Swedish army underpants are MIA

Army officials said they had no idea why so many pairs of underpants went missing in action, but possible explanations included theft, loss and general wear and tear.

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