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Mac vs PC vs Linux

Google Desktop

So I’ve indexed my laptop now and was worried to see files from as far back as 17 November 1996. On closer inspection most of the really old files seem to ship with MS Office. Now I know having worked for a large company creating software previously that sometimes legacy code remains simply because no […]

Robert Peston on why Vista is evil

Dear Bill Gates Give me back my weekend. I bought a new Windows Vista laptop – and that’s when the trouble began. My dislike of your new user interface you can put down to the conservatism that comes with advancing years. However having loyally stuck by the galumphing, unaesthetic functionality of your operating systems over […]

Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod Packaging Parody

Windows XP Stealth Upgrade

Every morning for the past fortnight I’ve had a new updates ready to install alert from windows automatic update. I’m beginning to think that Microsoft are installing Windows XP to anyone that hasn’t gone out and bought it via the backdoor. One day I’ll expect to log in and have a green start button.


I installed and played with Mac OS X Panther yesterday as we have the developers preview at work. Whilst Exposé was very nice (and strangely practical) there seemed very little that had changed apart from a few interface tweaks. Certainly not enough to give OS X 10.3 a radical new name Panther. OS X 10.1 […]

organica, blogger and google

It’s a bit like blogdex but erm it’s organica Oh and in other news: Blogger has been bought by bloggers other best friend Google. I’m waiting for them to do something with Microsoft or Apple so you can blog directly from your calendar.

Microsoft Outlook 2000 to Microsoft Entourage v.X

Importing was a lot easier than I anticipated actually. Having found little help on the web – without installing new stuff left right and centre – I opted for a go between. I used Outlook Express 6.0 and imported my Outlook 2000 mail and then used Netscape 7.0 to import my Outlook Express 6.0 Mail. […]


I knew there was a reason I hated Microsoft. I used to use my work laptop for mail – Outlook 2000 to be precise. I now use Microsoft Entourage on both my macs, work running OSX and home running Jaguar. You would think that as they are all Microsoft applications [mail applications at that] this […]

You know how…

I said I wanted an iPod? Well it looks like it could pay for itself in no time ;) Using nothing more than one of Apple’s iPod portable music players, a youth in the US stole more than ?400 worth of software! When Apple released the iPod, they were well aware that if the user […]

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