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This was in comic sans. Comic sans!

Customers service, Dear Sir. ( Investment inquiry on behalf of my first party client )   In view of the urgent and private nature of our intentions to go into a joint investment programme with your establishment, We wish and request that you forward to us the direct contact to the CEO of your Establishment. […]

Mobile Ad Choices App Debuts | Adweek

The mobile counterpart to the ad industrys ad choices self-regulatory program that allows consumers to opt-out of online-targeted ads is finally here. And yes, theres an app for it.Called Ad Control, the app gives consumers a way to opt out of cross-app advertising. Developed by Evidon, the app is now available in the Apple App […]

Apps providing spin-off opportunities for popular magazine brands | Technology |

A great article on how some publishers are looking to bespoke apps and experiences to monetise mobile rather than replicating the magazine format on tablets and mobile. … a new app released by Dennis Publishing’s male health mag aims to change that, although it’s no digital replica. Men’s Fitness Cover Model Body Plan is a […]

Hey, Apple and Google: Stop trying to wolf the whole mobile pie • The Register

“Apple is a terrible Google, which is a terrible Amazon, which is a terrible Apple.” It’s become a truism that the way to win in mobile is with an end-to-end, hardware-to-software-to-cloud strategy. I just wish this were as good for consumers as it seems to be for vendors. If I could get any wish fulfilled […]

Sitecom adds Do Not Track to its routers |

Networking specialist Sitecom has announced an extension of the security software running on its top-end router models, adding support for the Do Not Track flag to all client devices. Introduced in the latest version of desktop browsers, and slowly making its way to mobile devices, Do Not Track is a flag which tells sites that […]

The Death of Display As We Know It? (Again)

Yes, Display Is Dying A Quick DeathYes, the banner ad as we knew it is no longer, and thank God. Remember those pixelated 728×90 leaderboards with static images for online adult chat sites that had absolutely no relation to any of the content on the page? Or those flashing online casino banners that just blinked […]

Apple Adds iPad Mini, its First Actually Mobile Tablet | Digital – Advertising Age

Up to now, advertisers have talked about how iPads are typically used in a lean-back setting; Apple ads even pictured users’ feet up. That, in turn, has informed the type of ads that marketers distribute to tablets: often magazine-style, whole-screen takeovers and ads that drive people to e-commerce experiences made for browsing. At the other […]

Plan to test mobile phones on the Underground

Transport for London (TfL) had appealed for telecommunications companies to come forward for a trial on the Waterloo & City line but have drawn a blank. The aim of the test – originally scheduled for 2008 – was to find how out technically and commercially viable a scheme would be. All I can say is […]

Google Contacts Nightmare

So a slight problem recently with contacts. I use a number of tools and web apps in my daily life to keep things organised beacuse I work for myself I use a number of machines in a number of offices so it’s easier to rely on web applications for some tasks. 30 boxes ( for […]

New Toys

Scally has taken great delight in showing off his new mobile phone. It has a colour screen and screensaver and the like. Three points… The screensaver was vile The less said about the pictures the better It’s a work phone You can take the … out of … but you can’t take the … out […]

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