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Was just checking out Mark’s blog and same he is the Iron Man. So hey it’s a meme and it’s the new year. Turns out I am spidey. Your results: You are Spider-Man Spider-Man 80% Green Lantern 75% The Flash 60% Superman 55% Supergirl 55% Catwoman 50% Wonder Woman 40% Robin 37% Iron Man 35% […]


I mostly want to just go and become a recluse – I couldn’t sleep last night – lots on my mind – and today everything I have touched has fallen apart. I feel an overwhelming gloom settling like a thundercloud and it’s worrying me. I’m feeling bad too as I broke my New Year resolution […]

happy new year

I hope everyone had a good night last night – whatever you did and wherever you are. Let’s hope 2002 brings you all what you want. I have decided to try and quit smoking again this year – so I thought I better make a public declartation. Although I am not going on the wagon […]

You know sometimes you feel

You know sometimes you feel like the world is dumping on you from a great height. Today I have decided to get some of it off my chest as it is starting to eat away inside me and I’m sure that isn’t good for my karma. A while a go a work colleague was stuck […]

Happy New Year everyone. I

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had as good a night as I did – a nice intimate gathering with lots of alchohol and stimulants. Fireworks on the roof with champagne at midnight – it really was a lovely evening. It was the least well planned of my New Years but so far […]

The snow is cool –

The snow is cool – my puppy dog Jack thinks it is fab – he has been playing in it for 2 days now and still isn’t bored. I am not bored either as I watch him hurtle along on the ice! Other than that a pretty boring day today. The high light sadly was […]

Tired and in bed but

Tired and in bed but can’t sleep. Went out last night again and I think my body clock has readjusted to party time. It is so used to me staying out until 3 in the morning that it thinks this is now th norm and refuses to let me sleep anytime before this. Took Elric […]

Well I must say although

Well I must say although Christmas wasn’t planned at all this year it turned out very well. Nick and Vianney were the perfect hosts. Woke up and they even had a gift for me this morning Even though my being there was unplanned. They are so sweet. Actually spent most of the day with them […]

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