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Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-06-27

'To view this email in an internet explorer, click here' – what are 3 thinking? internet browser possibly but an internet explorer? # @robram until they stop cheap booze deals in case people get drunk… in reply to robram # @robram where's the fun in that? in reply to robram # 500MB is just not […]

iPhone 4 price comparison

Okay so finally Vodafone have released pricing for the UK iPhone 4 release. So that means Orange and o2 can be compared with the tariffs for Vodafone now. Three haven’t yet released their pricing strategy for the iPhone but given their 3G network coverage they shoudl be one to watch. Usual disclaimers about checking pricing […]

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-06-20

I just unlocked the "Animal House" badge on @foursquare! # Fourth week in a row @exhibitbar quiz :-) come on down book a table and give us a challenge! # @ianbach actually twitter is playing up ;-) in reply to ianbach # @grahamix O? told me to turn off data to make and receive […]

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-06-13

@grahamix I don't think I ever was – niche social networks aren't really networks in my view in reply to grahamix # We won the pub quiz 3rd week in a row! # @aremadeofthis @PhilGyford may fall foul of the Gaurdian terms of use just like Pulse has for NYT in reply to aremadeofthis […]

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-01-24

So fat people get an extra seat for free but I have to pay extra for overweight luggage? How does that make sense? # If ever I doubted how bad o2 were it's having sat next to someone using an iPhone on Vodafone and opening endgadget. O2 over 10 x longer! #

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2009-12-06

I'm wondering why they close post offices when clearly there is demand for them. Just look at the queues! # I'm wondering if @o2 will ever fix their DNS servers or if they are too busy buying new music venues! #o2fail # I used #Shazam to discover I Will Survive by Cake # Had […]

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2009-11-22

is bored of @o2 broadband's ongoing DNS issues #o2fail # Not what I ordered for next week #

Unlocking O2 iPhone in the UK

From 10 November, the iPhone can be unlocked for O2 customers in the UK.

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2009-10-04

wants to know why he doesn't have a wave invite yet :( # @robram I used to but now we have nowhere for them to leave the box safely. Have you seen in reply to robram # o2 should stop peddling credit cards and fix the bloody network it's ridiculous #o2 #

o2 and ticketmaster

So the o2 page for priority tickets to see Michael Jackson simply has a link to ticketmaster anyway! So that was kind of pointless. Now the ticketmaster website has a lovely message: Your wait time is approximately 15 minutes or more If you refresh this page or hit the back button, you will lose your […]

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