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Oh, those crazy Frenchies: Facebook faces family photo tax in France • The Register

Facebook should pay the French government for hosting the holiday photos and status updates of the French people, a new report commissioned by the French government has suggested. The new 200-page report* on taxing the digital economy – commissioned by four French Cabinet Ministers – proposes that France should tax data collection. The touted idea […]

Data cops seek ‘urgent clarification’ on new Facebook advertiser plans • The Register

Is anyone really surprised that FB are trying to leverage the profile data they have? The company – which plunged onto Nasdaq in May this year – is doing everything it can to shake as much ad revenue out of the site as possible by unsurprisingly proposing to open its users’ data even more. Some […]

cool new browser plugin

Thanks Dave for sending me a link to cooliris which is a great browser plugin – I love Flickr and now with the help of cooliris browsing photostreams is much more fun and so much easier – cooliris works on hundreds of sharing and web 2.0 websites, including the likes of Bebo, Facebook, Friendster, Google, […]

Red Cross Abseil

As high as the planes! Uploaded by markdrasutis on 24 Jun ’06, 4.08pm BST. We raised £750 which AOL will be matching so that makes £1500! not bad for a Saturday morning. I was bricking it though which thankfully you can’t see from the photo.

friday diversions

1. How many times have you truly been in love? Twice 2. What was/is so great about the person you love(d) the most? I have no idea what it was at all but… 3. What qualities should a significant other have? Genorosity 4. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Yeah I think so :( 5. […]

friday diversions

1. What drinking water do you prefer — tap, bottle, purifier, etc.? sparkling mineral please, but I drink tap water most often. 2. What are your favourite flavour of chips? I’m presuming they mean “flavour” and “crisps” and that would have to be plain (ready salted). Unless you count grain waves as crisps and then […]

friday diversions

1. Would you consider yourself an organized person? Why or why not? Nope – I try hard to be organised but, as any of my friends will tell you I am possibly the least organised person on the planet. 2. Do you keep some type of planner, organizer, calendar, etc. with you, and do you […]

friday diversions

1. What was the last TV show you watched? ‘Scrubs‘ 2.15 “His Story” 2. What was the last thing you complained about and what was the problem? I complain a lot – so keeping tracck is hard. I presume it was work related though and probably involved other people not doing something they should have. […]

friday diversions

The Friday Five 1. What was your most memorable moment from the last week? Erm dare I say Wednesday night? 2. What one person touched your life this week? LOL just the one? I reckon that’ll be the noozlelander texting me at 3am for someones number in Sydney. What am I international Directory Enquiries? 3. […]

That fireman picture…

I was reminded of the picture of Pete Lindquist which was sent around at the end of last week by the photo on the back page of the Daily Telegraph photo Special/Tribute on Friday. It had the picture below and I couldn’t help thinking mmm…

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