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Something I did forget to mention about the trip to Metreon in San Francisco was the trailer for signs which looked scary as… So I don’t think I’ll be going to see that in the near future. Maybe I’ll wait for it on DVD so I can pause it and stuff.

Nemesis factor

Remember me mentioning that damn game. No? Shame on you, pay more attention, I did here. Well I succumbed and even though Mr P and I spent many hours playing it in San Francisco I was not nearly frustrated enough so have bought one. Expect pleas for help very soon after it arrives.

Oh and I forgot to mention

Whilst at Metreon in San Francisco [I bet you thought you had heard the last of SF eh?] I saw e-beam and whilst Dave and seemingly everyone else was more interested in other gadgets and Sony stuff I was strangely drawn to the e-beam presentation. I am now trying to convince work that I really […]

Nice weather = less time online

which I *think* is a good thing although I am not sure. I’m desperately trying not to spend any money as I have to pay off the trip to San Francisco at the moment. It all adds up quite steeply when you get the bills all in the same month. Plus you know I hate […]

I left my heart in San Francisco

Fire forces Tony Bennett off-stage.

San Francisco

I arrived at SFO and met up with Mr P at the gate. We were both a bit concerned how easy it was to wander around into the allegedly secure gate side of the internal flight area. He had to wait as I was a bit late – makes a change though! Then we managed […]


I’ve been looking forward to a holiday in San Francisco for months since Dave invited me. Now as it is getting closer I am becoming more and more aprehensive. Not about the place really – everyone I have told I am going has been astounded I have not been before. No more about the trip […]

Killing time

Normally I don?t mind spending time in Soho. This evening was slightly different in the fact that I spent an hour loitering around Old Compton Street waiting for people to arrive. The scheduled arrival time was 7pm and so I dutifully arrived outside Satsuma to be greeted by an answer phone message from Dave saying […]

Meet me at Eros

I have lived in London for the past 13 years and never ever have I met anyone at ?Eros? in Piccadilly Circus before. So when Dave suggested meeting there I thought how strange. When he suggested 10pm I thought OMG but it?s a school night! Some might think this was a romantic gesture. I am […]

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