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happy birthday to you

Happy (belated) Birthday to Ian at Blogadoon. Not his real birthday obviously but his blog is 5. Yay! A few other belated real Birthdays have been happening recently too like Scally for instance.

the rise and rise of the scally

okay so now you can sell practically anything on ebay be prefixing it with the word chav or scally. as in scally’s used footie shorts – see they will sell much quicker and for more money than your regular footie shorts. especially if you add the phrase ‘gay int?’ to the end. There are even […]

the rise and rise of chav culture

Worse than the whole Gay Int? thing on ebay is the rise of scally and chav gear. All I was looking for this time was an adidas top. So it looks like now if you have any second hand clothes you want rid of on ebay you just add the words chav or scally and […]

I am such a geek

I am also probably a little sad as I got very excited over a… vacuum cleaner last night. I bought a Dyson DC07 Animal and it arrived yesterday. I never knew jack had so much hair! Dinner and drinks in Clapham was very nice – The Rapscallion no longer does chocolate sushi for dessert but […]


A fun evening last night with random encounters from the past. Went to meet Scally and Bruce at barcode and whilst waiting for them bumped into Chris and a number of exceedingly horny guys. I forgot barcode was full of cute guys. The boys arrived with Jenny in tow and then we continued drinking and […]

pub quiz

yes I know it’s wednesday. Andrew and I went to Bar ABV for the quiz and managed a miraculous 29 [or something] forgot the actual amount as I was in shock at the double figures. Michael from the bar did help us out a bit though :) Scally is having trauma about flights – like […]

what a week end

what a week end – the irish have a reputation for being friendly but I must say that they go far beyond this. I spent the weekend staying with a friend from work at his parents in Malahide [about 10 miles north of Dublin] and they not only put me up [even moving around so […]

WARNING: long post (from Sydney)

WARNING: long post Okay well today is Tuesday and it has been non stop partying since arriving in Sydney on Friday night. Bettina who I am staying with [and her sister Linda] is wonderful and so generous. She picked me up from the airport and took me out into town after dropping my bags off […]

okay well here is the deal

okay well here is the deal – in true dave-o stylee I am gonna do a quick week-end in hypertext? because all that gossip will just not fit into one post – and also because I actually have some work to do this morning – I only have 2 and a bit days of work […]

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