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Ten Four

Oh it’s been ages since I had a decent one of these… Thanks to Spence for livening up my Monday morning! Here are FOUR things you may not have known about me: A: Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. Club Host at Heaven 2. Bar Manager 3. Licensee in Soho 4. Head […]

happy birthday to me :o)

So I’m a little older today than I was yesterday (although that is true of everyday). So I bought myself a present. A flight to Singapore/Sydney/Bangkok/Singapore/London – just in time for Harbour Party and Mardi Gras. Oh and of course Jo’s Birthday! Plus I get to visit Ian in Thailand which is cool – been […]

i wondered how long it would take

for reality to set in when my brother moved back to the UK from singapore. I was speaking with Linda [my sister in law] and ahd this conversation by aim… Linda: have you heard about us moving and me looking for weekend work to make ends meet? Me: nope Linda: Haslemere we think, a flat […]

miserable weather

and I do mean miserable – I just wanted to stay curled up with jack under the duvet this morning – and as for taking him out for a walk – it was the last thing on my mind :(

my brother and sister in

my brother and sister in law [ooh and my neice of course] are coming over from Singapore for the next 3 weeks to visit family and friends and get a bit of a holiday too I hope. So I shall be going home to Liverpool at the week end to see the folks. It is […]

alright now I am confused

alright now I am confused well I guess no more so than when I left for Singapore. But definitely confused.

okay well I am back

okay well I am back in London now after the two 8 hour flights yesterday. Melatonin is a fantastic invention. Woke up sleepy [thanks scally for that call] and took Jack out for a walk – he was very happy to see me. I was very happy to see him. Pets they are fab no […]

I was very very sad

I was very very sad to be leaving Sydney but now I have arrived back in Singapore I am feeling happy that at least I am not back in cold rainy London just yet :o) postponed that trip until Saturday morning!

So no post for a while

So no post for a few days and Mardi Gras was over the week-end yes you guessed it – another huge entry coming up… Oh and not checked for spelling errors or anything as this is a blog on the go… Saturday I actually managed to wake up kind of early. I added some finishing […]

Okay well here is an update from Sydney

Okay well here is a little update for you :o) went to the Gulf Air offices today to see about changing my flight. Looks like if they can they will only be able to change the singapore – london not the sydney – singapore. So I will still be leaving sunny sydney on Tuesday night […]

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