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So looks like a whole heap of my contacts are being spammed by – I can’t login to to find out who is being spammed so an open apology to everyone I know at this point I guess.

new phone = new toy

I hear voices no I really do :) They tell me to check my phone when I have a text message or if I have a call! SMS * CALL * * you need quicktime installed

disturbing search requests revisited

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Orange have started checking what number you put into their WWW to SMS so now I can only text the UK from there. Not brilliant when half the people in my phone memory live outside the UK. Looks like I need to find another cheaper SMS service. Although I must say Just Dial have turned […]

Sunny Sydney

Okay so here it is the review of my last 3 weeks – so a bit of a long read… I arrived after a flight fraught with anticipation. Time for a quick shower and headed out to The Imperial in Newtown to try and catch up with Herb and the other four Wellingtonians who had […]

spam sms

Spam SMS text messages move into the same realm as email. O2 have issued a warning of a hoax text being sent currently. “O2 is aware of instances of a chain sms message being sent to mobile users offering a cash credit if they forward the message to further people. This message is a hoax […]

the not so secret lives of them

anyone who has been watching Channel 4‘s series ‘The Secret Lives of Us‘ will not have been suprised to see 2 men kissing last night. I was suprised to hear Richie admit to his presumably now ex-girlfriend Miranda that he enjoyed it more with men and had had ‘full sex’ not just a ‘head job’. […]


Random SMS message from Thursday night; On bus with Paul Keating! (and his boyfriend) I asked where etc – as you would and got this reply; #25, approaching Bank. Be there or be square

okay so call me a

okay so call me a cynic but what happened to talking to people? rainbownetwork [bless them] have come up with a money making idea called lovematch. The catch of course – other than spam sms messages for life is the call to the premium rate number to start off the matching game. Okay so maybe […]

GAH spam SMS from Eircell

GAH spam SMS from Eircell is doing my nut in.

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