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Ten Four

Oh it’s been ages since I had a decent one of these… Thanks to Spence for livening up my Monday morning! Here are FOUR things you may not have known about me: A: Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. Club Host at Heaven 2. Bar Manager 3. Licensee in Soho 4. Head […]


I watched a film this evening which seemed to touch every emotion in me. Defying Gravity was frustrating, sweet, funny, annoying, cringeworthy, and sexy. I t made me much more horny than any porno film could. The fact that it reminded me so much of when I was coming out was kind of scary. I […]

panic room

Went to see Panic Room this evening with Glenn at the Odeon in Streatham. Was really good. I’ve been watching a lot of films recently and I’m not sure if it is escapism or not. Yesterday I was very hungover from a Saturday night of drunken debauchery. I had to be dragged for breakfast at […]

random thoughts

Whilst at Spence‘s Birthday party Mark and I chatted about the process of dating. It occurred to us that normally when you meet someone you are shy and nervous in a bar situation so you drink. By the time you are sure you can go back to yours [or theirs] you have drunk enough that […]

Alcohol is NOT our friend

Saturday Spence, and Glenn along with David [yes another one] and Benjy and I had dinner in Leicester Square. The table next to us managed to set their candle on fire – yes I know they are supposed to burn but not the entire thing all at once. The waiter casually opened the door to […]

Sunday – Thursday

Well the last few days have certainly included a lot of alcohol – in fact more alcohol than is possibly good for me. Sunday saw Scally, Dave and myself in Clapham for dinner then the 2 Brewers to catch Pam Ann’s show – we were joined later by Paul and Dave [ensued a dodgy introduction […]

increased awareness

Meg was just talking about this. I was thinking about it this time last week but couldn;t think how to express it – so I’ll just tell you about it and you can reword it in your own head. I was reading Nick Hornby – How to Be Good which was a christmas gift and […]

unrequited love

I went to see ‘The Fluffer‘ last night after seeing Adam and agreeing to take some photo’s and a very pleasant if somewhat unnerving chat about blogging, community and if there was anyone I wouldn’t want to read this blog . The film was very funny and company was good too. Spence and Glenn, Colin […]

Okay well here is an update from Sydney

Okay well here is a little update for you :o) went to the Gulf Air offices today to see about changing my flight. Looks like if they can they will only be able to change the singapore – london not the sydney – singapore. So I will still be leaving sunny sydney on Tuesday night […]

mixed day – the DNS

mixed day – the DNS problems sorted themselves out- with relief. I think I may have just been being impatient. Got invited to scally’s to finish the haggis next wednesday. Did lots of house type stuff washing and the like. Went out for a long walk with Jack as it was a lovely day. Met […]

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