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Around the World in 83 Days – Plane Movies – Barracuda

Stronger. Faster. Better. Okay so technically TV because by now I’ve watched all the films I wanted to on the various One World flights around the word. Qantas though are promoting Australian home grown TV which is awesome and Barracuda had me waiting for my next flight so I could watch the next epsiode.

Who is Grabbing Your Data from Websites?

So this post is entitled “Who’s Grabbing Consumer Data from Publishers?” by AdAge but let’s be clear here what they mean is your data from most websites. Consumers may not know how the world of web advertising works but pretty soon thanks to concerted efforts by the IAB in the UK and advertising campaigns by […]

Alarm Bells for Privacy – Facebook ‘likes’ predict personality

The findings should “ring alarm bells” for users, privacy campaigners said. The study used 58,000 volunteers who alongside their Facebook “likes” and demographic information also provided psychometric testing results – designed to highlight personality traits. The Facebook likes were fed into algorithms and matched with the information from the personality tests. The algorithms proved 88% […]

Tweets on 2012-04-23

Data protection shoukdnt be an afterthought Marathon runners' details leaked including home addresses. #DPA # I didn't realised Google exclude themselves from data protection rules using Google Inc as the data processor. #sneaky # Is anyone one else interested in a 10K run on July 8th? @bartschelfhout isn't around to make sure I […]

Twitter Weekly Round Up for 2010-01-31

loving the 'MyTubeTwittBook' phrase at the end of this BBC article on late night TV in the US # yay to equal rights – Andrew's travel insurance covers me automatically too :-) # @seanthiggins don't forget to check that out… in reply to seanthiggins # – @seanthiggins I was referring to your earlier […]

Bear Grylls visits Discovery

Bear Grylls visited the Discovery UK head office today for an impromptu question and answer session. He’s broken his shoulder so isn’t filming Born Survivor, Man v Wild or Ultimate Survivor depending where you live. Check out Bear Grylls update on the Born Survivor website.

FNN – Facebook News Network

If I had the money to start a TV channel this would be the channel I would fund. Really funny parody of Facebook newsfeeds in a news bulletin format. Very funny from the collegehumor folks

CTU ringtone from 24

Okay so loads of people are looking for the CTU ringtone again since the new series is on TV. The details of how to create it or the sound files are all located in previous posts. 24 CTU Ringtone

Discovery Advert

Be warned you will not be able to get this tune out of your head!

my restaurant rules

While I was in Sydney (yes I know I have mentioned the trip a few times) they had a dodgy reality TV show called My Restaurant Rules. Now Sam & Catherine were perhaps the most annoying couple. They kept whining on about wanting to learn Italian etc etc and nothing really about the restaurant. The […]

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