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It’s Not Viewability, but Noticeability, That Really Counts | DigitalNext: A Blog on Emerging Media and Technology – Advertising Age

A viewable impression in a cluttered environment is unlikely ever to be noticed. Many of today’s pages are a hot mess of links, content, graphics, skins, unrequested video and floating banners. They are an assault on the senses, and one sense in particular — our vision — does some quick filtering to skip through the […]

Do Native Ads Work? Survey asks consumers what they think of the format

Harris asked online adults what they thought about three native ad formats—Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, Sponsored Stories on Facebook and video ads that appear to be content. According to the survey, a majority found the ads negatively impacted or had no impact on their perception of the brand being advertised. via AdWeek

Anti-Gay Advertisement In Worst Possible Place (PHOTO)

Sure, we’re all mildly suspicious about targeted advertising. But if your browsing habits indicate that you’re a raging homophobe who really thinks Obama is trying to force gay marriage down the throats of an unwilling public, as the ad in the top right reflects, maybe this is the kind of thing that could change your […]

Loving Jon Schmidt

If there was ever a reason I wish I’d played the piano more than 2 lessons this video would be it. It helps of course that Jon Schmidt has done a great arrangement too of course ;-) Love Story (Taylor Swift) meets Viva La Vida (Coldplay) – Piano & Cello.

FNN – Facebook News Network

If I had the money to start a TV channel this would be the channel I would fund. Really funny parody of Facebook newsfeeds in a news bulletin format. Very funny from the collegehumor folks

I love the internet

youTube great video sharing site a bit like flickr but for videos. So you get short films, uploaded adverts and humourless american kids who think they are funny. Popbitch – funny as anything. Combine the two and you get a promotion of a great (but not safe for work) video of a footballer falling out […]

Naked Marines

Ritual Abuse in the armed forces is rife. Making marines strip naked and mud wrestle is one thing. I’ve been to many a party like that (ahem) but the video the ‘News’ of the World publicised at the weekend is no ones idea of fun. Followed of course by the Mirrors Exclusive of another shocking […]

Live 8

Okay so now I have some pics on flickr of Live 8 at Also a little video here of people running to get to the front of the main area when the gates opened at 12. (erm looks to be not working – I’ll fix that ASAP) In the mean time why not check […]


I bought this album when I was in the states a few months ago and have really enjoyed it. Only just caught the video to The Reason and really liked that too. Allan thinks it’s rough boys music…


Heidi at work is going to have LASIK tomorrow at the same surgery as I did. She found this LASIK Surgery Video and I thought I would share ;) It looks much worse than it actually felt, honestly.

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