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cool new browser plugin

Thanks Dave for sending me a link to cooliris which is a great browser plugin – I love Flickr and now with the help of cooliris browsing photostreams is much more fun and so much easier – cooliris works on hundreds of sharing and web 2.0 websites, including the likes of Bebo, Facebook, Friendster, Google, […]


It’s official the Arctic chill has arrived. I woke up in the middle of the night and it was chilly so chilly I had to take a grab of the weather temperature on the iPhone provided by yahoo. Now I know severe weather warnings have been issued as temperatures in the UK dipped as low […]

social networking sites

okay so here is a list of sites I know of – feel free to add in any others. – soon to be a big player yahoo 360 msn spaces my space imeem 43 Things (amazon?) tribe bookcrossing – a community who exchange books with each other at public places Linkedin – is a […]

flickr and maps

Those lovely people over at flickr have integrated geotagging and yahoo maps into the organiser function. Very nice integration. Well if you live in the US it is. If you live in say London… You might have more of a problem. Yahoo maps just simply doesn’t cut the mustard for this kind of application. Well […]


So want to know what people are seaching for? Well okay people using AOL are searching for. Interestingly the outrage caused by this lapse in privacy by making this information available (and if you have no idea what I am talking about there is a link here) is nothing compared to the other information you […]

Do I really need a new IM client?

Okay so I use AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and iChat for work. They work nicely and most people I know use them. I use MSN sparingly and a few people I know use it but of course more importantly the other half uses it. I was having problems using MSN for mac until I discovered […]

Spam and grammar rarely mix

No doubt this also has a virus but hey I use a mac and besides I was too busy laughing to download anything. Hello! (address removed) for a fast exchange of messages suggests you establish Yahoo.Com Agent. Download you can directly in this letter I have attached last version of the program program to the […]

I discovered trillian yesterday and

I discovered trillian yesterday and am amazed how well it works. Basically instead of having MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ IRC etc all open you set up trillian and it connects to them all so you only have one app running. Fantastic :o)

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