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Mobile Ad Choices App Debuts | Adweek

The mobile counterpart to the ad industrys ad choices self-regulatory program that allows consumers to opt-out of online-targeted ads is finally here. And yes, theres an app for it.Called Ad Control, the app gives consumers a way to opt out of cross-app advertising. Developed by Evidon, the app is now available in the Apple App […]

ePrivacy – Google given $7 million Street View fine

I makes a change for North America to be a little more aggressive when it comes to challenging large corporates on privacy goofs than EU countries. France handed down an £87,000 (100,000 euro) penalty which whilst the largest ever handed out by CNIL pales into insignificance compared to our North American cousins. In the UK the ICO […]

Concern over new Mozilla browser settings | IAB UK

The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) expresses concern thatMozilla’s new browser cookie settings, which will come into effect in early April and will block third party cookies by default, will significantly undermine the openness of the ad-funded internet. via Concern over new Mozilla browser settings | IAB UK.

» The New Firefox Cookie Policy Web Policy

The key point here is most analytics are used by publishers to show readership numbers, most advertising networks are used as a revenue source and unclicked social widgets are used to promote content. So is this the death of the web as we know it? Beta versions of the Firefox browser will limit tracking by ad […]

What will happen once the ASA starts to regulate Online Behavioural Advertising? « Privacy and information law blog

Early next year, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA“) will start regulating Online Behavioural Advertising (“OBA“) in the UK – meaning that online advertisers who serve targeted ads to website visitors will have to worry not only about the risk of cookie consent enforcement by the ICO, but also the risk of investigation and public admonishment by the […]

Amazon’s and Facebook’s Ad Privacy Practices Irk Ad Agencies | Digital – Advertising Age

Two of the biggest publishers on the web don’t use the advertising industry’s standardized ad-privacy program, and it’s a problem for even the largest digital-media buyers. Facebook and Amazon both offer targeted display advertising that can sometimes incorporate behavioral data from third parties. However, while nearly every other relevant media firm, ad network and ad-data […]

Privacy Icon in Facebook Apps as Facebook Itself Opts Out | Digital – Advertising Age

Facebook is not part of the ad industry’s self-regulatory program that notifies consumers about online data collection and ad targeting, but people can find the ubiquitous AdChoices icon on Facebook anyway: in third-party apps. Facebook was among the top sites that displayed the small blue triangle-shape icon during the past week. But the symbol didn’t […]

You’re not anonymous. I know your name, email, and company.

Another example of why just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Privacy advocates are already looking to strangle the ad industry. This just adds fuel to the fire. Users don’t even know they need to opt-out of this kind of tracking which leads to media stories and then people blocking all tracking technologies even […]

Sitecom adds Do Not Track to its routers | bit-tech.net

Networking specialist Sitecom has announced an extension of the security software running on its top-end router models, adding support for the Do Not Track flag to all client devices. Introduced in the latest version of desktop browsers, and slowly making its way to mobile devices, Do Not Track is a flag which tells sites that […]

Use of Tracking Cookies on the Rise as Advertisers Seek More Data From Web Surfers | Digital – Advertising Age

Nothing new here – The number of cookies dropped by websites is growing. The number of third-party cookies — little pieces of software set on users’ machines to track web users for ad targeting or site analytics purposes — rose from 1,887 on the home pages of the most-popular 100 websites in May to 2,324 […]

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