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Mobile Ad Choices App Debuts | Adweek

The mobile counterpart to the ad industrys ad choices self-regulatory program that allows consumers to opt-out of online-targeted ads is finally here. And yes, theres an app for it.Called Ad Control, the app gives consumers a way to opt out of cross-app advertising. Developed by Evidon, the app is now available in the Apple App […]

Who is Grabbing Your Data from Websites?

So this post is entitled “Who’s Grabbing Consumer Data from Publishers?” by AdAge but let’s be clear here what they mean is your data from most websites. Consumers may not know how the world of web advertising works but pretty soon thanks to concerted efforts by the IAB in the UK and advertising campaigns by […]

ePrivacy – Google given $7 million Street View fine

I makes a change for North America to be a little more aggressive when it comes to challenging large corporates on privacy goofs than EU countries. France handed down an £87,000 (100,000 euro) penalty which whilst the largest ever handed out by CNIL pales into insignificance compared to our North American cousins. In the UK the ICO […]

Alarm Bells for Privacy – Facebook ‘likes’ predict personality

The findings should “ring alarm bells” for users, privacy campaigners said. The study used 58,000 volunteers who alongside their Facebook “likes” and demographic information also provided psychometric testing results – designed to highlight personality traits. The Facebook likes were fed into algorithms and matched with the information from the personality tests. The algorithms proved 88% […]

Concern over new Mozilla browser settings | IAB UK

The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) expresses concern thatMozilla’s new browser cookie settings, which will come into effect in early April and will block third party cookies by default, will significantly undermine the openness of the ad-funded internet. via Concern over new Mozilla browser settings | IAB UK.

Facebook to Make Targeted Ads More Transparent For Users | Digital – Advertising Age

Finally FB agrees to use the AdChoices icon. Facebook is about to get more transparent in the way it targets advertising at its users. The social network has agreed to start displaying the little blue “AdChoices” icon on its display ads served through its FBX ad exchange after months of public and private complaints from […]

Oh, those crazy Frenchies: Facebook faces family photo tax in France • The Register

Facebook should pay the French government for hosting the holiday photos and status updates of the French people, a new report commissioned by the French government has suggested. The new 200-page report* on taxing the digital economy – commissioned by four French Cabinet Ministers – proposes that France should tax data collection. The touted idea […]

Who needs dating sites now you have Facebook Graph Search?

“Single women who live nearby and who are interested in men and like Getting Drunk” Actual Facebook Graph Searches: “Single women who live nearby and who are….

What will happen once the ASA starts to regulate Online Behavioural Advertising? « Privacy and information law blog

Early next year, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA“) will start regulating Online Behavioural Advertising (“OBA“) in the UK – meaning that online advertisers who serve targeted ads to website visitors will have to worry not only about the risk of cookie consent enforcement by the ICO, but also the risk of investigation and public admonishment by the […]

Privacy winds blow through Clouds towards Switzerland • The Register

Unsafe harbour Companies with links to the US will have to prove they are not simply shipping all data to the US, and this may prove impossible. The lack of oversight and control over use of the US PATRIOT Act renders the whole Safe Harbor agreement effectively meaningless, yet companies without such links will only […]

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