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I’m doing the British Red Cross Abseil on June 24th – feel free to sponsor me!

Naked Marines

Ritual Abuse in the armed forces is rife. Making marines strip naked and mud wrestle is one thing. I’ve been to many a party like that (ahem) but the video the ‘News’ of the World publicised at the weekend is no ones idea of fun. Followed of course by the Mirrors Exclusive of another shocking […]

flickr and firefox

So I was playing with the search in Firefox the other day and I decided I wanted to be able to do a basic flickr tag search from the search bar. So here it is a Firefox search plugin for flickr.com

disturbing search requests revisited

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A collection of things written for various reasons to answer questions people had about me whilst they visited the site. It is by no means definitive, I wrote it back in 2002 and I was 32 by that point so you know some things may have been missed out. I should also point out that […]

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