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cool new browser plugin

Thanks Dave for sending me a link to cooliris which is a great browser plugin – I love Flickr and now with the help of cooliris browsing photostreams is much more fun and so much easier – cooliris works on hundreds of sharing and web 2.0 websites, including the likes of Bebo, Facebook, Friendster, Google, […]

I never realised…

You can do a vanity search on your flickr image use. “originally uploaded by 8lettersuk“

AOL Pictures

Techcrunch is bemoaning AOL Pictures relaunch. I think they are missing something though. Flickr, photobucket, bubbleshare and others may well look slicker and have more intuitive UI but they simply do not have the userbase potential AOL has from the start. You simply wouldn’t get the gems shown here on bubbleshare et al. Not to […]

flickr and maps

Those lovely people over at flickr have integrated geotagging and yahoo maps into the organiser function. Very nice integration. Well if you live in the US it is. If you live in say London… You might have more of a problem. Yahoo maps just simply doesn’t cut the mustard for this kind of application. Well […]

Ronan Keating

Ronan Originally uploaded by 8lettersuk. I just had to take a pic of this from Metro. I almost bought Cosmopolitan in Waitrose last night too but resisted. Might see if any of the girls in the office have a copy though ;o)

Top 20 Photo’s on flickr

#1: Desk Trauma #2: Sydney Opera House #3: Sydney Harbour #4: Madonna Concert #5: I love porn #6: Sydney Opera House #7: Sydney Opera House #8: ipod central #9: Fireman #10: Signs #11: mg_105-0591_img #12: Firemen in Rome #13: Glass Block Wall #14: Glass Block Wall #15: Brooklyn Bridge #16: Sydney Opera House #17: brighton […]

Christmas in Soho

More pictures… Did I mention I have a new phone? It’s a Sony Ericsson w800i – in a massive move away from both Nokia (last phone wass a bit poo and no new decent on) and Orange (really poor service if you are already a customer). So hello O2 and hello SonyEriccson oh and hello […]


Okay so I slept through most of yesterdays events. Other than waking for the odd text from far flung friends and family checking I was okay. I watched events unfold during waking moments and was as horrified as I was in a similar situation (off work and ill) in 2001 during the awful bombings in […]

Live 8

Okay so now I have some pics on flickr of Live 8 at Also a little video here of people running to get to the front of the main area when the gates opened at 12. (erm looks to be not working – I’ll fix that ASAP) In the mean time why not check […]

I’m starting to see a trend

I’ve been playing with flickr again and have noticed a disturbing trend in my favourites ;o)

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