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24 CTU ringtone

Okay so loads of people are looking for the CTU ringtone again since the new series is on TV. If you have nokia composer then: 32f2 32f2 32f2 8- 32f2 32f2 32f2 32f2 32f2 32f2 4- 32b2 32b2 32b2 32b2 32b2 32b2 32- 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 32b1 […]

Mini GPS & Profile Suite

This software lets your Nokia 7610 phone magically know that you have arrived at the office and turn your phone’s profile to a quiet, office friendly tune…

note to self: it costs money

I was in Brighton for the weekend (staying at The Grand) and yesterday it was very very hot. So naturally the beach was very very busy. Also it meant that all the boys had their tops off. I spent a lot of time with Nick looking and perving. Since none of the usual crowd were […]

Manchester Pride

We went up to Manchester this weekend for the last of the summer pride events. Lots of fun. Lots of dancing. Lots of music. Lots of beer. Lots of boys. That about sums it up. No really it was a really good trip. Took the train up on Friday afternoon for a leisurely start to […]

Fire Fire Fire

Okay so not a real one but we did have a fire evacuation from the office today. On leaving the fire exit we walked directly into some policemen (there for a completely unrelated incident). No firemen though so I took a pic of the policeman instead.

Not so Little Chef

In a bid to be a little more modern Little Chef is changing it’s logo Sadly as I can attest from a recent visit to a Little Chef at Hinckley, on my way back from the midlands a few weeks ago it’s not just the logo that needs updating.

rush hour

Olympia station was strangely busy this evening. Turns out to be the beer festival ;)

flat pack is evil

Some friends of mine have just moved their business from their front room into brand spanking new offices in Clapham Old Town – and lovely they are too. Only problem is all the flat pack furniture. I’m glad I was only in charge of the Internet connection, network and wireless network. Carole looking perplexed by […]

note to self: new camera phone is not good

So last night we ended up going out for drinks and erm it all got a bit messy ;) We ended up at the 2Brewers (after a rebrand and another change around it seems to be getting better). New Nokia 7610 with it’s 1 megapixel camera is not good when you are drunk though! ‘Arty’ […]

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