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Best line from a DJ on radio ever! “Before Grindr and scruff people used to meet in clubs listening to music like this.”

Jack Off the Beanstalk

I love a good panto and when I say panto I mean men in dresses and more innuendos and willy gags than you can shake a stick at along with a tiny bit of male nudity if you sit in the right place. Spoiler Alert: Jack (Chris Clynes) gets his kit off! So the annual Above […]

George Takei, Young Activists and Facebook Team Up to Make HRC Logo a Mega-Meme

As you’ve probably noticed, your Facebook feed turned red last Monday when all of your friends, particularly those in the US or with US friends, including people you had no idea had an opinion on gay marriage, changed their profile pictures to a little pink or white equals sign on a red background. The symbol […]

Support the Stonewall – Hold your peace campaign

If you are an advocate of equality (and let’s face it why wouldn’t you be?) then you should support the @StonewallUK campaign for #equalmarriage  – check out their campaign at Stonewall or if you are too lazy then here are bullet points! On Tuesday 5 February 2013 MPs will vote on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill which […]

BBC News – B&B ruling: Discrimination a right – Nick Griffin

Okay so there is a lot of buzz about this today but seriously people the point here is that it’s not a home it’s a business. I agree that you can choose who you allow into your home but if you choose to run a private hotel, guesthouse, B&B then you no longer have the […]

Gaydar relaunches app, but will it unseat Grindr?

So gaydar have finally relaunched their iPhone application. It’s about time too. They used to be the pioneers in dating websites but have let the likes of Grindr and Bender make inroads into the space. The previous version of the app was abysmal and buggy, wiping peoples website profiles and generally not what you would […]

So it looks like Milo hasn’t checked his facts again

A few months ago I was so enraged about a poorly researched barely disguised homophobic article written Milo Yiannopoulos from the Telegraph I felt the need to write quite a lengthy rant. Today it would appear he still is in the habit of not fully checking facts. In his article about the law keeping up […]

The Telegraph: Promoting homophobia?

I thought I’d go for a tabloid style headline today in the style of Milo Yiannopoulos from the Telegraph. On August 5th Milo feels that social networking is all good. “Social networking? A lot of fun.” he says. This all changes once Milo encounters Grindr an iPhone application aimed at Gay and Bi-sexual men and […]

Dublin’s hot new rock, indie and pop club

The lovely Daragh invited Andrew and I to RIP opening night which was a blast last night. We started the evening with Conor and Michael at Front Lounge and PantiBar and despite them planning an early night they joined us for the fun at the old button factory in the heart of Temple Bar which […]

Blast from the past

Last week I went to Earls Court which used to be the major stomping ground in London before Soho became gentrified and got more bars than brothels. I went for a drink at the Colherne. Okay so it’s not been the Colherne for ages and is now a trendy bar called the Pembroke but to […]

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