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Kylie Kylie Kylie

Kylie was fabulous. Really really fabulous. I enjoyed Madonna but I have to say that Kylie was much much better! She wasn’t ashamed of her Stock Aitken & Waterman past and mixed in the old classics with the new hits. I have to say though the dancer in the confide with me set was horny […]

I just realised

that my birthday party on Feb 16th is also co-incidentally the 2 year anniversary of 8letters spooky or what? I think I may have to do something special – 2 years seems such a long time.

I missed this for world aids day

supershagland though has a witty flash game – not quite so addictive as the laser game from a few weeks ago.

weekend in review

Friday night in Ikea shocker! okay so you know you are past it when the most exciting thing that happens on a friday night is you and spence go to Ikea for food and shopping. Then onto Asda – I mean how low can I sink? Oh believe me it got worse as then I […]

blogger goes for the bucks

and I must say I am not suprised – blogger took off like wildfire and their traffic must be enormous and there is only so long you can continue something like that for free. So $30 or so a year for the service seems very little for what you get back in return – I’ve […]

what is the french for brainsluice anyways?

dave has posted a lovely review of his trip to gay paris. I realised I never wrote a review of when I had my trip – very bad of me – but rest assured I loved it ;)

tigers and beers

Oliver had his 29th birthday yesterday [bless] and so I headed on up to Tiger Tiger for some catch up and drinks. Slight snag is that this is a straight bar with a door policy – since I do not own shoes it’s a bit of a pain really – still at least I did […]


oh and I am beginning to get really pissed off with people at work who fail to respect other peoples property – certain people just come and help themselves to biscuits and food without replacing – small thing I know but starting to bug the hell out of me while others hand back the decorations […]

I am a sheep

B6 d++ t+ k s+ u- f+ i o x+ e- l c-

pop quiz

andrew and I dropped down to the retro bar last night – I needed out of my flat – and joined in with the pop quiz. Poor Dave joined our team and I was traumatised to learn I failed to beat my personal best of 6. What with Dave answering all bar one question I […]

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