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American TV is the worst

A 90 minute movie and it’s on for 150 minutes. Seriously 60 minutes of adverts for 90 minutes of content. America go home you are drunk. Is it any wonder netflix has taken off like it has?

Am I An Outlier, Or Are Apple Products No Longer Easy To Use? | John Battelle’s Search BlogJohn Battelle’s Search Blog

A genius “rant” about Apple usability – I’m glad someone has actually said it. It’s been the elephant in the room for a couple of years. He’s certainly not an outlier! I have the same issues with iPhoto (really what’s the point?), iTunes (another UI, really?) and iOS (I am not fat fingered). Quick excerpts […]

Messages chatroom window won’t go away: Apple Support Communities

I’ve had an annoying chatroom that opened every time I started messages despite not using it in months. I unchecked the autojoin option in the chat window and closed it, checked the autojoin and closed it but it always came back. It turns out that the autojoin checkbox in the chat window doesn’t seem to […]

ESTA The downside of a new passport

The downside of a new passport :( What should I do if the information on my passport has changed?If you obtain a new passport or there is a change to your passport information, you must apply for a new travel authorization and pay the associated fees. See What information can I update? for a full […]

Publicity Stunt of the Week: ten bizarre phone insurance claims • Reg Hardware

Here you go: Inserted into a cow’s vagina Dropped in the bog during defecation – a perennial favourite, this; or should that be ‘perianal’? ‘arf, ‘arf Broken after being used as a sex toy Stolen by an aggressive seafront seagull Stolen by an aggressive safari park monkey Blown aloft by fireworks Broken when hurled at […]

So it looks like Milo hasn’t checked his facts again

A few months ago I was so enraged about a poorly researched barely disguised homophobic article written Milo Yiannopoulos from the Telegraph I felt the need to write quite a lengthy rant. Today it would appear he still is in the habit of not fully checking facts. In his article about the law keeping up […]

$5 for a cup of coffee became normal

Starbucks are planning to sell beer and wine in re-branded stores to help sales in the evening (who knew 70% of their sales are before 2pm). It’s largely thanks to Starbucks that paying $5 for a cup of coffee became normal – who knows what could happen to the cost of a pint. Don’t even […]

The Telegraph: Promoting homophobia?

I thought I’d go for a tabloid style headline today in the style of Milo Yiannopoulos from the Telegraph. On August 5th Milo feels that social networking is all good. “Social networking? A lot of fun.” he says. This all changes once Milo encounters Grindr an iPhone application aimed at Gay and Bi-sexual men and […]

The reason eBay is no good for buyers

Well actually eBay the worlds largest tat bazzar is actually no good for sellers either but for buyers the saying buyer beware has never been more accurate. Take for example the regular scams that appear. Okay some of them are not exactly scams but they are dubious. It would be easy for eBay to stamp […]

People do the silliest things…

Recently a lot of people have been talking about passwords and how they are too simple. What the researchers failed to mention is that it doesn’t matter how secure your password is it will not help. There was a bit of a buzz on Twitter yesterday about an application called Twifficiency. It allegedly calculates “your […]

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