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Kylie Minogue – Mardi Gras Sydney K25 June – YouTube

Oh did I mention I was there? TAB! Kylie Minogue – Mardi Gras Sydney K25 June – YouTube.

seederney mardee grah (Part 1)

Okay so I’ve been a bit slack with the update from Sydney Mardi Gras and my annual pilgimage to the southern hemisphere. What can I say – even Dave managed to get his account up before me this year! I’ll have to get him back for the Stimpy comments somehow… I have managed to upload […]

Impending Pilgrimage

Okay so call me predictable if you like but I know what I like and I like what I know. So it’s now only 5 sleeps until Singapore Airlines is speeding me on my way to Sydney for the annual party season in the sun. Northy is also coming but due to star alliance and […]

Sunny Sydney

Okay so here it is the review of my last 3 weeks – so a bit of a long read… I arrived after a flight fraught with anticipation. Time for a quick shower and headed out to The Imperial in Newtown to try and catch up with Herb and the other four Wellingtonians who had […]

I was very very sad

I was very very sad to be leaving Sydney but now I have arrived back in Singapore I am feeling happy that at least I am not back in cold rainy London just yet :o) postponed that trip until Saturday morning!

So no post for a while

So no post for a few days and Mardi Gras was over the week-end yes you guessed it – another huge entry coming up… Oh and not checked for spelling errors or anything as this is a blog on the go… Saturday I actually managed to wake up kind of early. I added some finishing […]

Okay well here is an update from Sydney

Okay well here is a little update for you :o) went to the Gulf Air offices today to see about changing my flight. Looks like if they can they will only be able to change the singapore – london not the sydney – singapore. So I will still be leaving sunny sydney on Tuesday night […]

*LONG UPDATE ALERT* (from Sydney)

*LONG UPDATE ALERT* My eyes started to feel much better by Tuesday night so I put my glasses on and went into Oxford St to meet Brad and the gang at The Albury to watch Pam Ann. Unfortunately the rest of sydney’s gay population seem to have had the same idea so there was already […]

WARNING: long post (from Sydney)

WARNING: long post Okay well today is Tuesday and it has been non stop partying since arriving in Sydney on Friday night. Bettina who I am staying with [and her sister Linda] is wonderful and so generous. She picked me up from the airport and took me out into town after dropping my bags off […]

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