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missing anything?

How do small boys manage to get dressed without noticing that they have failed to put their underpants and one sock on? See I’ve always wondered the same when I notice single lonely socks. In fact when I wander around and see lost clothing I always wonder if people miss it. So much so I […]

land of the free

home of the consumer. No really. I forget when I am not in this country how much their economy is based on shopping. Democrats take note. buy less for the next four years.

Sydney Mardi Gras 2004

united grrrr san fran airport grrrr red carpet lounge reasonable stupid us customs and immigration even though i was only in transit grrrr okay so I arrived late and have vowed never to fly united ever again. seriously it’s no wonder they are in chapter 11 bancruptcy protection. i had of course forgotten to send […]

AOL Onion Time Warner

Okay so it’s friday and everyone is IM’ing me links today. I liked this one though. Ted Turner Sends Self Back In Time To Prevent AOL Time Warner Merger I wonder if he can do something about my stock options whilst he is there?


I could explain this one but it’s best if you go read it yourself. A classic in the vein of the Mastercard adverts. Getting the look from one seriously pissed off cat = Priceless!


A brainsluice >naughty ickle minx just sent me VD in my inbox. You can tell someone how you feel too. Or not as the case may be.

I’m sick


Woo hoo

http://www.notetoself.co.uk/js/snow.js It’s snowing in London again – and it’s just started to stick. Another few days of snowmen and snowballs I hope.

Keith Webb

The body of a man has been found bound and gagged in his south-west London home only months after he evicted people who had apparently invaded his house. Keith Webb, a 57-year-old engineer, was found by members of his family in the house in Ellison Road, Streatham. He had called anti-drugs officers last year over […]


I’m now eating less and less meat. Today news from the BBC that meat in the UK is unfit for human consumption has made me think of just not eating meat again. I used to be vegetarian, I have lots of meat alternatives and it seems to be a lot healthier. In fact I’ve not […]

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