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mood swings

It’s official I can now monitor my mood swings with the help of moodstats.com. I’m not sure what my boss is saying about me but he bought all 4 of our team licenses and we have been happily comparing moods since it’s launch in December. Go play – it’s fun :o)


I discovered a cool new toy to go with my iPod and iTunes, it’s called Kung Tunes and it let’s you know what I’m listening to at the moment – I mean you may not want to know but now at least you can. So here goes I’m currently listening to this lot.


I’d like to thank T4 for showing Kylie Fever 2002 and reminding me how absolutely stunning Terry Kvasnik the dancer/acrobat from the confide in me set was. I mentioned him back when I saw the concert. Seeing him large in widescreen though :o) hubba hubba!

Okay so I am SAD

Well actually I think I am displaying the symptoms of SAD. Well not all of them, I haven’t noticed a loss in libido. So I may go on a holiday somewhere sunny and invest in a lightbox.


My Apple – iPod has arrived and I am stupidly excited :o) Ooh ooh new toy!

googlebombing RIP

The Register reports on googles new algorithms and how they will prevent google bombing.

Damn Games

I was asked if I knew any flash games. Of course I searched my old bookmarks and came across Reflections again. Grrrr. It’s just too addictive for words.

Stupidly Sore Throat

Yet again :( I didn’t bother taking pictures of the nastiness at the back of my throat so here are the pictures from last time.

Brighton Pride & Woody Harrelson

[email protected] – I just got around to updating some of the photo albums – so erm if you are at all interested…


Dave manages to make it sound like everyone at work is gay. They aren’t – just for the record ;)

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