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Well here is something I should have seen years ago!

Post by BuzzFeed Video. So I should wear a red belt with red trainers?

notetoself: get fit!

okay so I’ve been off work on and off for two weeks and am just now feeling 100% so I’ve eaten a proper breakfast and am about to go out and have a run. It’s the first time I’ve felt like exercising all year (okay so I know it’s only 16 days in to the […]


So last night at around 10:30 there was a commotion outside. Not sure what was happening but some people shouting. Then later lots more commotion so my interest was piqued and I took a peak outside. Outside there was a police car in the middle of the road and a police man taping off the […]


So I read recently that Bryan Brian McFadden was hooking up with Guy Chambers in the hopes of being the next Robbie Williams. Listening to Irish Son earlier it strikes me he is much more likely to be the next Brian Bryan Adams.

note to self: when you want something doing…

It looks like makelovenotspam are not the only people with server problems today. seem to be having major issues with their images not displaying. So if you are missing some images from the right hand side of this page now you know why!

make love not spam

So Lycos decided it would be a good idea to fight back against spam. Something every person using movabletype will know about. I’d love to hit the comment spammers where it hurts. Sadly the makelovenotspam site has now been hit by a denial of service attack. What goes around comes around! Oh the site is […]

note to self: nothing is simple

So I got an email reminder my oyster card was due to run out. I went online and ordered a new yearly one. It didn’t charge. I checked online and realised it was my old one that stopped working in the summer… so now I have to manually do it for this week at the […]

Iain for sale?

Okay so I was playing with Google Desktop Search and then searched for my name (call me vain) and the sponsored links worried me ;o) Okay so you may have my UK Credit Report but you can’t spell my name!


Did I mention I’d started to play with which looks set to be the new toy of the year. It’s loads of fun and as you can tag all of your photo’s you can link them up with other people in groups and all in all is easy to use. I’ve been meaning to […]

the internet is full of freaks

The internet is really full of weirdos and freaks Mandonna for instance…

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