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Read my massage very clear!

Hello I know that you will be surprised to receive this letter from me since you don’t know me in person, Please Read my massage very clear to understand that I want you to be my mutual partner for a very good business proposal but before we continue to the business in question I will […]

This was in comic sans. Comic sans!

Customers service, Dear Sir. ( Investment inquiry on behalf of my first party client )   In view of the urgent and private nature of our intentions to go into a joint investment programme with your establishment, We wish and request that you forward to us the direct contact to the CEO of your Establishment. […]

Not as Top Important as the last spam

Greetings from the gulf region.   I’m Abdulkader AL Bakri,  Founder of A.K. AL BAKRI & SONS HOLDING COMPANY based in Saudi Arabia.  I’m currently seeking means of expanding and relocating our business interest abroad in lucrative business projects, sectors in your region most especially in your acclaimed area of specialization.   I am very interested in […]

I’ve been getting a fair amount of spam recently

This one is pretty standard but I’ve had it about 60 times this week.   — Top Important   I am Mr Seyba Jean, a staff of BANK BICIA-B here in Burkina Faso. I am very sorry about this sudden mail as I know it might come as a surprise banging into your private life […]

Uprising spam

I’m always amazed how spammers use the misery of others in their scams   Hi there,   My name is Aisha daughter of Shukri Ghanem. We fled from Libya last year following the uprising against Col Muammar Gaddafi.   My father’s death is no longer news but my mother’s deteriorating health made me want to […]

I don’t get a lot of spam since I switched to gmail but…

Reese, Ian ? [email protected] 13:30 (21 hours ago) to undisclosed recipients Attn: Ms. Rubiah Bashir, wishes to entrust her entire estate to you to set up a Charitable Foundation in honor of her late Husand (Late Dr. Abu Saud Bashir). Please contact her through her personal email address: [email protected]

Dear Laurette

I received a lovely (spam) email from ‘Laurette’ this morning. Although I’m tempted by the tequila I’m consigning this to the bin. Laurette Khan ? [email protected] 01:57 (8 hours ago) How’s it going pretty! :) It’s Laurette. If you are interested in spending great time in a company of funny, sex appeal woman then I […]

OMG I Just Won 1,750,000.00 GBP

2009 Honda Promo ([email protected]) Your email have been awarded a grant prize of 1,750,000.00 GBP in the on going HONDA PROMOTION PROGRAM 2009, to claim your prize Contact claims agent Mr. Richard Olsen: Contact Via E-mail: [email protected] OR [email protected] Tel: +44 702 409 6742 You are also advised to provide him with the under listed […]

Spam Mails

It’s been a while since I got some decent spam. This one is from a mr.hamad Samni and he says he has good news! I’m very excited at the prospect of lots of free money! Good Day,Sir/Madam Please Read and get back to me How are you today? Hope all is well. Please be informed […]

more random spam

From: motali ([email protected]) Sent: 13 February 2009 00:18:31 To: Hello, My Late father is a wealthy cocoa merchant. Before his death he had a domicilary account with a bank in Cote d’Ivoire,up to the tune of 5.5M USD. Please I need your assistance getting this money tranferred to you for investment and to be my […]

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