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Breaking News: Earth orbits the Sun | Best Newspaper Fails and Corrections of 2012 | Adweek

So the Earth orbits the Sun not the Moon? Burn the heretics! via Best Newspaper Fails and Corrections of 2012 | Adweek.

Theresa Christy of Otis Elevator: Making Elevators Go | Creating –

A really interesting article on elevators/lifts. I would have assumed the personal space issue would have been reversed, ie that more would be required in Asia. Another problem: How many people fit in an elevator? In Asia, more people will board a car than in Europe or New York, Ms. Christy says; Westerners prefer more […]

If the tube was as good south of the river…

Upside Down Map – with North/South reversal What would the tube map look like if South London had all the tube trains instead of north London having the majority of them as it does at the moment? Something like this ! via Geofftech – Tube – Silly Tube Maps.

David Beckham’s Latest H&M Ads: Less Skin, More Porn ‘Stache | Adweek

When you bring back David Beckham in all his Adonis-like glory—that would be his tighty-whities—I must give credit where it’s due. You previously launched his underwear line with similar black-and-white ads of his chiseled-from-granite physique. Why mess with perfection? You even bought him a Super Bowl spot. Victory dance! This time around, for his expanded […]

Mapumental – amazing commute friendly property search

This site has two goals. It’s an advert for Mapumental, a project of mySociety – a high tech social enterprise that can build cool things like this for you. And it’s a real, functional tool designed to answer a common question – “Where should I live to have a tolerable commute?”   So 35 mins […]

BBC News – Are you wearing a handmade poppy?

Since it was founded 90 years ago, the Poppy Factory has produced millions of buttonhole poppies to mark Remembrance Day each November. This year the 35-strong workforce at Richmond upon Thames in west London have made, by hand, 500,000 of the classic stylised flowers – a small but significant proportion of the 45 million produced […]

Hungover? There’s a ‘cure’ for that as detox patch goes on sale – Health News – Health & Families – The Independent

As usual it’s the comments that make most articles on news sites in my opinion and this is no exception as DJL2 highlights the irresponsible ‘journalism’ at work simply running a press release as news. “…after nine or 10 Martinis…works great” DLJ2 – “that’s 20 units? nearly 3 bottles of wine? fully enough to pose […]

Top 10 Twitter languages in London – Image IIY6 – lovely visualisation of the density of languages on twitter via @evilmanic Data: Ed Manley (@edthink) Map: James Cheshire (@spatialanalysis) Summer 2012 English is 3.3 Million and the rest is in descending order Spanish French Turkish Arabic Portuguese German Italian Malay Russian   I’m amazed that Polish doesn’t feature – it must […]

The $144,146,165 Button ? notes.unwieldy

During payment, the user is presented with three default buttons for tipping: 20%, 25%, and 30%. When cabs were cash only, the average tip was roughly 10%. After the introduction of this system, the tip percentage jumped to 22%. via The $144,146,165 Button ? notes.unwieldy.

People do the silliest things…

Recently a lot of people have been talking about passwords and how they are too simple. What the researchers failed to mention is that it doesn’t matter how secure your password is it will not help. There was a bit of a buzz on Twitter yesterday about an application called Twifficiency. It allegedly calculates “your […]

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