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Apple Adverts have definitely improved with time

Okay so everyone is talking about the iPhone4 FaceTime commercials and the Matt Damon look-a-like at the moment but by far my favourite adverts are still for actual Macintosh computers. I still own a G4 Cube and it is beautiful if not especially well powered now. It’s great as an iTunes media share though as […]

Swapping undies

Bonds TV Commercial with Michael Clarke and Pat Rafter playing tennis

Bonds advert featuring Pat Rafter and Michael Clarke with Michael stripping part way through and catching the tennis ball in his briefs! Very similar in fact to the previous soccer bonds advert

Soccer tricks in your undies – Bonds Advert

This curly haired lad is hardly your typical underwear model, yet he’s the star of the latest Australian ad campaign from Bonds- the short. But he’s not one of those chiselled beefcakes we’re used to in undies adverts, in fact he’s a gawky teen but he does have incredible footie skills. Watch him strip down […]

talk me through this…

So how are standard boxer shorts going to work as unisex undies?  

Genius Advertising

As anyone who knows me knows I hate advertising. Well okay that’s not entirely true. I hate when advertising ruins the experience or when advertising becomes more imprtant than the content. Anyway advertising rant over – more to come when I don’t work where I work now. Anyway AOL Pictures and presumably the rest of […]

Primark undies

The best line out of this weeks Pop Justice? The new-look Blazin’ Squad have rubbish underwear. Someone send a Primark voucher THIS INSTANT. Picture of the boys in their kecks here. I found this particularly amusing as I had been aimlessly wandering around glamoursmith last week when I bumped into a guy from work. He […]


So David Beckham only wears his undies once. Well if reports are to be believed he buys new Calvin Klein Underwear every month and buys £1k’s worth – I don’t know about you but that’s a lot of money on smalls. I reckon he just wants a new lucrative sponsorship contract. I’m wondering how long […]

Footballers Underpants

How on earth did I miss this? The world of football is going underpants crazy! My favourite quote being “The Laurent Lunchbox has become a veritable summer picnic hamper of moist goodies…” Then of course there is the Guardian and the smalltalk column and the penchant for asking footballers about their smalls. Small Talk: Roy […]

what will the chavs do now?

no more 50p undies now that all their stock has been destroyed by fire.

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