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There’s a problem with Brighton’s Christmas lights – This has to be a joke right?

This has to be a joke right?  

Bodyform Responds :: The Truth – YouTube

Genius! Bodyform Responds :: The Truth – YouTube.

The Surface Movement – YouTube

I have no idea why they decided that you need a dance routine to sell this but it’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to purchase a Windows product so it clearly worked…┬áThe Surface Movement – YouTube.

The Surface Movement – YouTube

Wow look it’s so pretty… Oh plus they can dance! The Surface Movement – YouTube.

One of the guys in the office thought I might like this

I have no idea what he was searching for when he ‘stumbled across’ it but someone should tell his girfriend ;-)

Ever have a tune running around your head?

I have thanks to 4Music but thanks to bing and youtube… Shazam strangely couldn’t tag it – first time in ages that’s happened. Anyway it’s The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Loving Jon Schmidt

If there was ever a reason I wish I’d played the piano more than 2 lessons this video would be it. It helps of course that Jon Schmidt has done a great arrangement too of course ;-) Love Story (Taylor Swift) meets Viva La Vida (Coldplay) – Piano & Cello.

Playing for Change

A great onion youtube parody

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A ‘Good’ Video The youtube asks for some decent content parody! Like google care when they are raking in that many ad impressions.

Bonds TV Commercial with Michael Clarke and Pat Rafter playing tennis

Bonds advert featuring Pat Rafter and Michael Clarke with Michael stripping part way through and catching the tennis ball in his briefs! Very similar in fact to the previous soccer bonds advert

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